Heighton Accounting & Tax Services works in and for the community of Woodstock, Ontario. We offer tailored solutions to individuals, small businesses, farms, and other specialized entities in our area.

If you’re in Woodstock or are thinking of starting a business in the area, look at our services and see how we can help you!

Income Tax

Personal & Corporate Taxes



Woodstock is the city Heighton Accounting & Tax Services calls home. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet and build relationships with the people and businesses that make this community so special. From farms to transportation businesses to college students attending Fanshawe, our team helps a wide range of clients with bespoke personal tax, corporate tax, bookkeeping, and accounting solutions. If you’re in Woodstock, we’re ready to help you, too!

Through our many different services, Heighton Accounting & Tax Services has helped businesses and individuals in Woodstock. We work hard to ensure all our clients can leave on a solid financial footing, whether they’re a local institution, a business just starting, or a local homeowner.

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